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The Microsoft Office 365 software for small, medium and large businesses is a cloud service hosted on the Microsoft platform, includes Office Online applications and supports Office desktop applications. Microsoft Office 365 is the best Suite of apps for office workers available by subscription. Office 365 cloud services will allow your organization to reduce costs and get the necessary set of tools for productive work of your users, providing the highest level of security and reliability of these services.

Office 365 features:

  • Viewing and editing Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote documents in a web browser using Office Online;
  • Document storage and easy access from Office desktop applications starting with Office 2007;
  • Access and edit documents from mobile devices;
  • Collaborate on Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote files, including co-editing at the same time.

Examples of using Office 365 for business:

Migration from legacy mail systems
If you are using an outdated email system, we recommend that you consider the Office 365 migration to the cloud. This will increase the flexibility, security, and reliability of communications, relieve you of the need for future upgrades and reduce the cost of maintaining the current infrastructure.
Interaction with agents / freelancers
If your company's business involves the presence of sales agents or freelancers, we recommend that you consider connecting these employees to corporate IT services using Office 365. This will improve the efficiency of communication with the Central office, to organize remote training.
Increase employee productivity
If you are planning to introduce new services for collaboration and unified communications, we recommend that you consider implementing these scenarios in Office 365. This will provide users with the necessary tools for productive work, organize access to business data and applications from anywhere, around the clock, in the simplest way.
Interaction with customers and business partners
If your business involves a constant exchange of information with partners or customers, remote meetings and online presentations, we recommend that you consider using Office 365. This will allow you to focus on business development and relationships with clients and partners without the need to own your own infrastructure.
Quick start of new IT projects
If you need to launch modern collaboration and unified communications tools in a short time with the ability to quickly connect the required number of users, we recommend implementing these tools in Office 365. This will minimize the time and cost of launching these IT solutions.
Remote Office Consolidation
If you need to combine a large number of remote offices or subsidiaries into a single infrastructure, we recommend that you consider building standard IT services using Office 365. This will provide the necessary IT resources for users in all departments without significant investments in IT infrastructure.

The corporate portal is an internal website of the company, intended for organizing the collaboration of employees, document management, and automation of the company's business processes. The portal allows you to create sites and pages, place information on them, create libraries and lists for storing documents and data.

The SharePoint corporate portal works as an internal resource of the company, it gives you an opportunity to optimize the work of your organization.

MS SharePoint can significantly reduce the time for searching the necessary information, improve the quality of business processes, as a result, the speed and level of work performed will increase.

You can increase the efficiency of employees' work with information, business applications, optimize control over the implementation of business processes, using this portal. The Microsoft Office SharePoint Server platform supports the development of a variety of additional services. Additional services allow you to solve the problems of document management, collaboration, reporting, and many others.

Opportunities of a corporate portal:

  • Providing a single point of access to corporate information: documents, regulations, directories, corporate applications, and other data sources inside and outside the Company. The system administrator configures the system access setting.
  • Support of communications and teamwork of employees, departments, and services of the Company
  • Building a system of employee feedback by means of forums, surveys, etc.
  • Creating a system of operational support of employees with actual corporate information
  • Creating a common knowledge base of the Company

Benefits of the corporate portal:

The introduction of SharePoint allows you to create a single information space for the automation of the enterprise. The SharePoint corporate portal provides the ability for employees to work together in a single information environment, allowing you to inform and interview company employees, to publish news, orders and other materials on the portal pages. Integration with existing information systems of the company allows to increase the efficiency of working with information. The SharePoint corporate portal is a platform for reducing the load on the company's internal divisions by automating routine operations.

Developing an intranet portal based on Microsoft SharePoint allows, taking into account the peculiarities of the processes of an individual company, to automate most routine processes, thereby increasing employee productivity.

Creating a SharePoint portal allows you to effectively track the execution of tasks and orders.

Microsoft SharePoint is a collaboration platform that provides increased productivity and content management in a traditional Office. It does not matter where you install SharePoint - on your site or using external hosting services - the built-in functions with search technologies will help you respond quickly to changing business requirements. You will be able to make decisions based on the results of data analysis, quickly and safely implement customized solutions for your needs, both throughout the enterprise and outside it. The consolidation of collaboration solutions on the SharePoint platform helps to reduce the cost of staff training and technical support and increases the productivity of IT employees. All this is possible with a well-managed and standards-compliant platform.

SharePoint provides collaboration support in the broadest sense of the word and helps colleagues, partners, and customers to organize collaborative work in a new, more efficient way. Microsoft SharePoint provides an opportunity to increase productivity.

Who is interested in the decision?

For companies and organizations that have developed information infrastructure, which need to organize effective interaction of staff, their collaboration in a single business process. A unified knowledge base and corporate information platform is being created, uniting the disparate information resources of the company.

Companies using Microsoft SharePoint technologies will receive a business collaboration platform that allows:

  • Combine employees and provide them with wide opportunities of formal and informal interaction, both within the enterprise, and with partners and customers. This increases the level of intra-corporate communications by creating a single information space, uniting employees of remote divisions of the company and increasing their loyalty;
  • Effectively manage content throughout the life cycle of information;
  • Quickly make informed management decisions using advanced search technology and business intelligence.
  • Quickly make informed management decisions, using advanced search technology and business intelligence, to organize the company's knowledge base, in which information will be accumulated and processed;
  • Increase the efficiency of working with documents by providing convenient joint access to existing documents necessary for the performance of official duties;
  • Increase the level of security of information storage due to the effective distribution of access rights of employees depending on their duties;
  • Quickly build the decision your employees need with web application creation tools.

Benefits of the corporate portal:

Providing maximum productivity

Help employees increase productivity and provide access to knowledge through the familiar Office environment, optimized for convenience of use and learning, regardless of where the employee is and what devices he uses.

Reduced costs due to a unified IT infrastructure

Increase your IT investment by consolidating SharePoint collaboration solutions and deploying these solutions for use on the internal network, extranet and the Internet.

Rapid response to business needs

Reduce implementation time due to the ability to customize standard product functionality, quickly and safely implement solutions that meet the specific needs of your business.