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We use Agile for our projects delivery, which helps to make prognoses of visible short-term results
We provide SLA for our availability
We implement systems, which help to increase labor productivity and maximize working hours
We build systems, which help to optimize the expenses by reducing resources and planning ability
What we offer
Automation of work processes
We have a rich experience of automation of work processes for business leaders. So we know, which ones and how is possible to optimize, and which software tools are the most useful
Development and evolution of corporate portals
SharePoint is the core specialization of our company. We get requests from a wide range of companies with a variety of tasks about cooperation between users. We analyze your problems, identify needs and show you the solution, which is the best for your demands. Only after that, we start building your project based on SharePoint
Migration to cloud services and remote support
Remote support offers you a wealth of advantages:

  • lowering cost of software

  • there is no need for hiring new IT-department's staff

All of this is sensible independently of future, increasing IT-systems
Consulting and user training
We train end users and that helps to solve problems by themselves without specialized technical knowledge. Thus we help our clients to spend less on others consultants
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Development of corporate portal and automation of work processes
SN Power AS

Business Requirement
A company introduced SharePoint to optimize business processes themselves. But it needed improving knowledge and experience of using SharePoint because of increasing massive projects

Technical Solution
PlotnikovSoft was approached to automate the management processes. Our experts took part in developing technical standards and projects

Customer Value
Development of project mainly simplified an internal circulation of all documents. The customer notes following positive effects: economy of the time and expenses by 15%, as compared with paper document circulation, and non-material factors such as users comfort
Corporate CRM solution based on SharePoint

LGFG Fashion House

Business Requirement
The customer continually tries to improve quality of work with his clients introducing an innovative technology. But difficult organizational structures and advanced offices network need a powerful, developing IT-infrastructure. At project implementation, it requires for sector-specific specialists for development of the solutions on the SharePoint

Technical Solution
The customer and PlotnikovSoft made a contract for a long-term partnership for growth of corporate portal and solutions development on the SharePoint

Customer Value
The customer had an opportunity to work with skilled specialists without hiring new employees and maintenance cost was reduced by 19%
Creation a system to manage documents

James Edward & Companies

Business Requirement
The customer company aimed to implement a project on construction for the control system of documents, based on Office 365

Technical Solution
PlotnikovSoft successfully implemented the project on construction for the control system of accounted documents, and access conducted through the inside corporate network for all employees of the company, based on Office 365

Customer Value
This solution allowed to solve the problem of automation for legal department's activity and to centralize the primary processes of the document circulation. 10% noted economy of financial resources
Development of corporate portal, basing on SharePoint


Business Requirement
The company introduced a supermarket chain, approached PlotnikovSoft to implement a project on creation of uniform working company space uniting all separation and employees

Technical Solution
Within implementation of the corporate project, the portal was created based on Microsoft SharePoint 2016, as one of the best platforms for the organization of corporate work and creation of inside corporate portals

Customer Value
The implementation of the project resulted in the organization of corporate portal and the system of document circulation, set-up and automation of numerous working processes, also the organization of safety for data access at work with information. The customer noted an increase in productivity by reducing of expenses on the organization of inside partnership by 15%
Adoption the automation system of work processes

S-Net Communications, Inc.

Business Requirement
Dynamical company amendment of the customer followed by the creation of new services and expansion of regional structure. It resulted in plenty of new business-processes which needed automation. At the same time, the company needed a simple tool in using to save independence from outside consultants

Technical Solution
To the mind of PlotnikovSoft, the tool, which the customer needs, is a visual designer of working processes Nintex Workflow. Thanks to our specialists this service was introduced in the customer's company

Customer Value
An intuitive user interface, built-in library of templates and modules allowed quickly to acquire by the technology for automation of processes, based on SharePoint even to unprepared employees, cutting down expenses to outside consultants by 65%
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About us
PlotnikovSoft OÜ is a software company with clients from small and medium enterprises. The central office is in Tallinn, Estonia. We work with global clients from USA, Canada, Europe, Australia and more. We use only new technologies and IT-products for our work like Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Azure, Visual Studio Team Services, Office 365, Slack and Jira. Over the years of professional development and outsourcing, we have become a responsible partner and provider of qualitative IT-products for our clients
Dmitri Plotnikov
CEO & Founder
Dmitri Plotnikov is a founder of PlotnikovSoft OÜ. Since 2011 to 2017 Dmitri was recognized as a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional aka Microsoft MVP with SharePoint expertise. He has taken part in a large number of IT development projects in a consultation and architect role for business leaders like Samsung and Mastercard.

Dmitri has authority as a highly qualified professional in this area and also writing his technical blog
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